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This is part 5 of the “How to Afford Everything Series”

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In this episode, we embark on the journey of adulting and unlock secrets to navigating the complex world of grown-up finances. I want to share expert insights and answers to the most common money management questions that you’ve always wondered about. Don’t miss this episode as I guide you towards a prosperous future.

I have some extremely helpful worksheets that will help you with the aspect of ADULTING in my upcoming book.

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Topic #1: Should You Rent or Buy Your Housing?

The number one question I discuss with people is whether to pay rent for housing or buy your own house. This is a HUGE decision and it is something that can, AND WILL, affect your finances now and in the future.

Listen as I explain the differences that renting or buying can have on your current finances and financial goals. It is not always advantageous to buy.

Topic #2: Should You Lease or Buy a Car

Another question I get asked frequently is, “Should I Lease or Buy a Car?”

Most people want to drive their whips in style without breaking the bank. Affording a car is a big consideration, but whether you buy or lease won’t have a life-changing impact on your finances like the housing debate will. The cost difference is minimal.

Listen as I discuss the different financial strategies of buying a car. If you are someone who has dealt with a lot of car problems, this section is for you.

Topic #3: Is it the right time to go/go back to school?

Next life-altering decision: How do know if it is the right time to go to college or go back to college?

As with most big important adulting decisions, this can also be a major financial decision. It’s important to know if you can afford it, what returns you might get for your investment, and how you can make the most out of your education.

What are the key factors you need to consider when deciding if it is a good time for you to go back to school financially?

How will furthering your education impact your earning potential and career prospects?

Listen to the story about how I got over $17K for school by asking one simple question. You can too!

So, Profit prophets… see what I did there? thank you for listening to episode five of the FinanceSIS series. I hope your burning questions about your personal finance journey were answered. If not, please reach out to me at www.dalrabishop.com. That is also where you can order my book with all the fabulous worksheets that will assist you in becoming the money mogul you are meant to be.

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For now, I will leave you with this thought: You are well on your way to being a self-reliant adult. navigate bills, investments, and savings with confidence, to create a future that radiates financial well-being and enduring success. CONGRATULATIONS!


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