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The FinanSis Podcast

Welcome to the FinanSis podcast miniseries

where we delve into How To Afford Everything, a definitive guide to personal finance and wealth building. In this series, we break down each chapter and analyze the key concepts and strategies that encourage financial success.


Listen as I debunk common myths, misconceptions, and negative stereotypes surrounding money, wealth, and financial management.


How To Afford Everything provides practical solutions and expert advice on how to navigate this environment, build generational wealth, and achieve financial independence.

I also share common scenarios, tips, tricks, and so many ways to make your money work for you. 


Join me on this enlightening journey of financial education, as we explore the world of finance with a fresh perspective. Together, we will shatter stereotypes and empower listeners to take control of their financial future.


Note: It is best to listen to the episodes in order as they follow the structure of the book. 


FinanSis Podcast Episodes

How to Afford Everything

Ep 1: Welcome to How to Afford Everything

Welcome to the FinanSis podcast dedicated to real-life practical advice on how to improve your relationship with MONEY.

Ep 2: Spending, Credit, & Debt

In this episode, we're going to dive into the world of spending (the fund stuff), credit, and debt (the not-so-funRead More »

Ep 3: Saving and Investing Together

In this episode we discuss saving, investing, creating an emergency fund, and saving for specific items.

Ep 4: Minding the Business That Pays You

This episode is all about your career! Are you working on building your career or are you still slogging yourRead More »
personal growth

Ep 5: Personal Growth (This and That)

In this episode, we embark on the journey of adulting and unlock secrets to navigating the complex world of grown-upRead More »