Darla Bishop


Journey Through Darla's Professional Landscape

I have worked on Capitol Hill, at several organizations at the University of Michigan, and in the insurance industry. Through my varied experiences I enjoy a reputation as a well-rounded professional with a deep and comprehensive understanding of program management and staff development. 


I have managed successful programs in the areas of:

My work as a Financial Accountability partner and trainer with Thrive, has given me the opportunity to help college and graduate students with financial and developmental tools to excel in various areas of their life. 


Thrive focuses on minorities and individuals from lower socioeconomic backgrounds.  


My expertise in financial literacy and ability to connect with people on a personal level make me the perfect FinanSis for anyone looking to improve their financial situation and take control of their future. You can learn more about my professional experience HERE.

Professional Experience

For the past decade, I have developed a strong network of professional contacts in Michigan and Washington D.C. to ensure the most effective integration and coordination of program efforts. As a result of working on Capitol Hill, with a number of organizations within the University of Michigan, and in the private sector, I have gained a reputation as well-rounded professional with deep and comprehensive understanding of program design, development and evaluation, systems, networking and community change.