Darla Bishop


How To Afford Everything (Hardcover)

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Get Ready to Conquer the Money Game with How To Afford Everything

I’ve read over 100 books about money management. Not one of them had the practical advice and worksheets that I believe are most helpful. So I created my own – for you. 

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Learn the Ins and Outs of Managing your Money  and Building Your Dream Life

Chapter 1 : Real [Money] Talk: Unmasking Your Spending Habits and Values 

Chapter 2 : You Got Money For That?

Chapter 3 : Other Peoples Money

Chapter 4 : Umbrella Ella Ella (Your rainy day fund)

Chapter 5 : Sam Is Whose Uncle?

Chapter 6 : Money Making Money

Chapter 7 : It’s Giving Generous

Chapter 8 : Minding The Business That Pays You

Chapter 9 : Look At You Adulting

Chapter 10 : And One Last Thing …