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How to Afford Everything

Ep 1: Welcome to How to Afford Everything

Welcome to the FinanSis podcast dedicated to real-life practical advice on how to improve your relationship with MONEY.

Ep 2: Spending, Credit, & Debt

In this episode, we're going to dive into the world of spending (the fund stuff), credit, and debt (the not-so-funRead More »

Ep 3: Saving and Investing Together

In this episode we discuss saving, investing, creating an emergency fund, and saving for specific items.

Ep 4: Minding the Business That Pays You

This episode is all about your career! Are you working on building your career or are you still slogging yourRead More »
personal growth

Ep 5: Personal Growth (This and That)

In this episode, we embark on the journey of adulting and unlock secrets to navigating the complex world of grown-upRead More »